Insight In It Together Foundation is designed to support Insight teammates experiencing a financial hardship/crisis.

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Application for assistance may be completed by the teammate in need or someone else on behalf of the teammate. Applications are reviewed by, and subject to approval of, the foundation board. Funds are allocated based on the hardship situation in accordance with the Foundation guidelines and mandates. Submitting this form does not guarantee eligibility for or award of funds.

Please note: Disbursement of funds can take up to four weeks, though the committee will do its best to accommodate urgent financial needs. If you receive financial support from the Foundation, you will be required to provide receipts detailing your use of the funds.



All fields are required. Failure to provide complete information could delay your application and result in additional information needed.

  • Teammate Name
  • Teammate Email Address
  • Requestor’s Name
  • Requestor Email Address
  • Relationship to Teammate
  • Date of Hire

How many dependents do you have?
(include spouse and any members of your household dependent on you for support)

Please describe the situation and/or event that led to the financial hardship/crisis.

Please describe the impact to your financial situation.

Do you anticipate reimbursement from any other source? (i.e. insurance)

If yes, amount of anticipated reimbursement:

Amount requested from the Foundation:

Household Income: (include spouse's income & any additional sources, i.e. alimony, child support, etc.)

How will this amount resolve the situation?

Please itemize how the funds will be spent:

Is there a critical date the funds are needed?
(We will do our best to accommodate time-sensitive requests, but this is not a guarantee of funding or funding timeframe)

Please upload copies of any/all documentation to support the amount requested.

* if you have multiple files, please .zip them and then submit

Please provide any additional comments you feel would be helpful to our decision.

  • By submitting this application, I attest that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and am authorizing the Foundation to validate any and all information provided. I further acknowledge that, if granted assistance, the recipient is required to provide copies of receipts and/or other documents that show how the funds were used. When submitting such information, I certify to the Foundation that the funds were used for the purposes described.
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board members


Jennifer Fernandez

Jennifer has worked at Insight for over 11 years and is currently Vice President of Human Resources. She received her MBA from Arizona State University in 2000. Jennifer’s community involvement includes volunteering at her children’s school and acting as Treasurer for her Homeowner’s Association.

Anna Zappia

Anna has worked at Insight for over 6 years and is currently Director of Finance. She holds a B.S. in Business Management and volunteers with local churches to facilitate Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. This involves assisting people with their personal household budgets to eliminate debt and save for emergencies and retirements.

Karim Adatia

Karim has been with Insight since 2010 and is currently Director of Legal and Senior Associate Counsel (Corporate and Global Sales). He has been qualified to practice law in the State of Arizona (2006) and British Columbia, Canada (2000). His prior community involvement includes volunteering at his son’s elementary school, community improvement projects through the Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout program and pro bono legal work. Karim has also served as an adjunct professor (business law) at Summit Law School of Arizona, a recently established ABA accredited law school in the State of Arizona.

Ami Kron

Ami has worked at Insight for over 13 years and is currently Director of Sales. He received his B.S. in Accounting from Arizona State University. His community service involvement includes participation in Junior Achievement. Ami is also an Arizona Sun Devil alumni club member.

Michael Frey

Michael has worked at Insight for over 12 years and is currently Vice President of Managed Services. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His community involvement includes volunteering at food bank drives and various donations to charitable organizations.

Mathew Skaff

Mathew has worked at Insight for over 7 years and is currently a Director in the IT Department. He received a BBA in Finance from the University of Toledo and an MBA from Arizona State University–W.P. Carey School of Business. He also holds a PMP Certification. Mathew’s community service included volunteering in a neighborhood restoration project in the Chicago area. He has also led the United Way campaign for a prior employer.

Erica Revere

Erica Revere has been with Insight for over 8 years and is currently an Operations Manager in Managed Services. She studied Chemistry at Xavier University in Louisiana and prior community activities include involvement in the local area Boys and Girls Club. Erica financially donates to various charitable organizations and is a huge advocate of cancer research through foundations such as Livestrong and Susan G. Komen.


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How will I know if my application has been approved?
You will be contacted by the In it Together Foundation Board Administrator when a decision has been reached about your application or if more information is requested. For questions, contact

How long will it take to receive funds if my application is approved?
Disbursement of funds can take up to four weeks, though the committee will do its best to accommodate urgent financial needs.

How do I provide more information for my application to be considered?
Email the In it Together Board administrator,

I’d like to request more funds than what was provided. How can I do that?
Once you have received a decision of funding, and/or received funds, you will need to submit a new application

If I receive funds from the Foundation, why do I have to submit receipts?
The Foundation operates as a public charity. There are certain requirements that must be met to ensure charitable funds are used for their intended purpose. One such requirement is filing receipts to account for the funds granted to recipients.

Are teammates in other countries eligible for this program?
Due to certain tax restrictions, only teammates in the U.S. are eligible for funding at this time.

I’d like to change my payroll deduction amount, but it’s not Open Enrollment time. How can I do that?
Contact Benefits to change or cancel your payroll deduction. You can change your payroll deduction for the Foundation at any time of the year.

Why did Insight begin this Foundation?
Insight wants to support teammates during times of crisis. This Foundation uses a streamlined application process to provide financial assistance to teammates in need. Applications are considered using a consistent decision–making model, so dissemination of funds is fair and equitable. After all, during good times and bad, we’re in it together.

How is this Foundation funded?
Insight provided a donation to begin the Foundation. Insight teammates fund the Foundation through payroll deductions. Thanks to all who donate generously to this fund to help fellow teammates!

Why is this a 501(c)3 organization, not part of Insight?
Providing funds through the public charity does two things. First, it is a tax–deductible donation for all teammates who donate throughout the year. Second, there are no tax implications for teammates who receive funds through the Foundation.

How does the Foundation determine which applications receive funding?
The Foundation's Board of Directors reviews all applications on a weekly basis. All identifying information is redacted from the documentation so that the person requesting assistance remains anonymous during the decision making process. Those applications that meet the criteria in accordance with the Foundation guidelines and mandates are approved and funded.